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Tax Litigation

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Zetley Law Offices, S.C. is a recognized leader in tax litigation in Wisconsin. Tax controversy resolution is at the heart of our practice. Our objective is to resolve every tax controversy as soon and as favorably as possible, which may include protecting your rights by going to court.

Litigation is expensive and risky, so we make every effort to reach a favorable resolution and settlement to avoid court. However, when litigation is the best or only option, our experienced trial lawyers are on your side to challenge the government’s case.

We will dispute tax assessments on behalf of individuals and businesses through petitioning United States Tax Court, Federal District Court, U.S. Court of Federal Claims, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, and the Wisconsin Tax Appeals Commission. Our attorneys have obtained favorable results in various jurisdictions and will advise you of all of available forums.

The tax litigators at Zetley Law Offices, S.C. possess both a substantive knowledge of tax law and a detailed understanding of the procedural issues involved in asserting your rights through litigation. This enables us to develop sound strategies for resolving sophisticated tax controversies.

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