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Criminal Tax

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Zetley Law Offices, S.C. knows the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS may initiate a criminal investigation for a number of reasons, including filing a tax return with false or fraudulent information, or failing to file. We have been successful in resolving criminal tax investigations without any charges being filed on numerous occasions. If you are suspected in a criminal tax investigation, we are ready to protect your rights and to prevent criminal charges and serious penalties, including fines and jail time.

If you are under criminal investigation for tax evasion, failure to file or are involved in an IRS or Wisconsin Department of Revenue dispute, you need to contact an attorney as soon as possible before consulting with a CPA or a financial planner. While other tax professionals may be able to guide you in filing or tax planning, non-attorneys are not equipped to defend you in criminal matters. A financial planner may even be obliged to report you to the IRS if the planner discovers that you have been evading taxes.

The attorneys at Zetley Law Offices, S.C. appear on your behalf if the IRS wants to search the premises of your home, business, or if the IRS or Wisconsin Department of Revenue has called you in for an interview or questioning. We try to move your case from a criminal investigation to a civil liability matter to prevent serious penalties that may include jail time.

To help us resolve criminal tax charges, one of our team members is a former Special Agent of the IRS Criminal Investigation Division. His knowledge and invaluable experience will also make sure our firm provides you with the best possible representation to protect your rights.

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