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Tax Collection

We have your back so you do not have to keep looking over your shoulder for the IRS

The experienced lawyers at Zetley Law Offices, S.C. know that owing the Internal Revenue Service or state government can be an intimidating experience. We take immediate and direct action on your behalf to manage all aspects of collection and to provide the best possible solution. Our office handles all aspects of collection including the following matters:

Relief on tax collection issues

To get help on any of tax collection matter listed above or with any other, contact Zetley Law Offices, S.C. today.

Tax liens and levies.  A tax lien or tax levy limits your ability to buy and sell your property, run a business, or manage your assets.  A Federal tax lien or State Tax Warrant is filed to protect the government’s interest for unpaid taxes.  If the lien is based on a mistake or misunderstanding, we can sort out this matter with the IRS or state tax agency.  If a tax liability is paid in full, many times action must be taken to confirm that Federal Tax Liens and State Tax Warrants have been properly released.  A levy is the government’s ability to “freeze” or collect funds from any type of bank or brokerage account.  The government may also issue a wage garnishment or attachment requiring your employer to remit a significant portion of your paycheck directly to the taxing authority.  We have successfully negotiated the release of levies and garnishments under various circumstances, allowing our clients the opportunity to better manage the collection process.  We also understand the importance of minimizing the risks associated with unexpected or aggressive collection tactics by the government.

Installment agreements.  This is a payment arrangement where the government allows a taxpayer to pay liabilities over time.  Once a payment plan is established, the IRS or WDR does not take enforced collection action as long as the taxpayer remains current with all filing and payment obligations.  On your behalf, we will negotiate the best possible agreement based on your current circumstances and objectives.  If you cannot afford to make monthly payments and do not qualify for another type of tax relief, we can negotiate to have your account placed into a “currently not collectible” status where you will not be required to make payments, subject to review at a later time.

Employment tax liability and payroll withholding.  A payroll tax problem arises when a business fails to file the required payroll tax returns, or to turn over the payroll taxes withheld from its employees.  The IRS may look to the owners, officers, and the employees of the business to collect the unpaid payroll liabilities.  We are ready to assist if you are a business in trouble with the IRS or WDR or an individual involved with a company with outstanding payroll tax issues.

Unfiled returns.  We also specialize in helping taxpayers and businesses return to compliance by filing their outstanding tax returns.  We understand that it can be an intimidating process to come forward, but our office can help minimize criminal exposure and can take advantage of Voluntary Disclosure programs, if you qualify.  Both the Internal Revenue Service and Wisconsin Department of Revenue have the authority to file substitute returns on your behalf, which often results in an overstated amount due. We do not prepare returns, but can work closely with your Certified Public Accountant to resolve your problem.

Penalty abatements.  Another mechanism for lowering the amount owed to the government is a request for penalty abatement.  A successful penalty abatement is where all or a portion of the penalties (and corresponding interest) are removed from your balance due.  The IRS uses a reasonable cause standard, which is based on the facts and circumstances during the period for which the penalty was assessed.

Offer in compromise.  This is an agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS resolving the taxpayer’s liability.  Congress allows the IRS to compromise federal tax liabilities by accepting less than full payment if certain conditions are met.  The taxpayer’s specific financial circumstances dictate whether an Offer is a viable option.  We can help you by submitting the offer in compromise on your behalf, because it is a formal and complicated process that requires in-depth financial disclosures to the IRS.  Many times appeal rights must be exercised to extend the negotiations and achieve the desired results.  The state has a similar process called a Petition for Compromise.

Innocent spouse claims.  We protect current, former, and future spouses from liability caused by another and the collection activity by the Internal Revenue Service or state tax authorities.  Why should you pay taxes you have nothing to do with?  Marital property laws in Wisconsin make it possible for your income and assets to be seized to pay for your spouse’s tax debts once you are married.  We can help if you have been assessed income taxes, penalties, and interest as a result of the actions or inactions of your spouse.

Audit reconsideration.  If you disagree with a final assessment or substitute return that is in collections, we may be able to reduce your liability.  An Audit Reconsideration is the informal process that allows the IRS to consider new information (not previously submitted) that may change the amount of tax you owe.  We have successfully used this process to open up incorrect assessments on behalf of our clients.

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