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What do I do if I have been visited by special agent of the Internal Revenue Service or Wisconsin Department of Revenue’s Criminal Investigation Division?

If you have been visited by a special agent of the Internal Revenue Service or Wisconsin Department of Revenue, you could be in danger of facing criminal charges related to tax fraud or tax evasion. Although they may attempt to strike up conversation or ask relatively informal questions, it is best to not speak and contact an attorney as quickly as possible. We recommend contacting Zetley Law Offices S.C. as soon as you believe there is the possibility of an investigation. By acting early, we can assert your right to representation and will discuss your case with the agent on your behalf.

Do I need a tax attorney to represent versus an accountant or CPA?

There are significant advantages of being represented by a tax attorney rather than an accountant or CPA, most notably the attorney-client privilege. Generally, statements made to your tax attorney cannot be revealed to the IRS or used as evidence. While there is a limited federal account client privilege for civil matters, it does not apply if the IRS decides to bring a criminal tax case against you. If fraud is suspected, criminal tax investigators may try to contact your accountant or CPA who could eventually be forced to testify as a witness against you.

What is the Federal Voluntary Disclosure Program?

 The IRS has a voluntary disclosure or amnesty program that allows taxpayers to come forward and voluntarily correct an error on a filed return prior to any criminal investigation. If accepted, the agreement may result in criminal prosecution not being recommended, as long as certain criteria are met, and there is a good faith effort to pay the additional tax that is owed. At Zetley Law Offices, S.C., we have successfully utilized the voluntary disclosure process and can assist you in determining whether you may be a candidate for this process

How much do your services cost?

Zetley Law Offices, S.C. requires an advance fee up front from which we bill against based on each attorney’s hourly rates.  During our initial consultation we can get a better idea of the complexity of your case and the amount of the advance fee that would be required.

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